6 Hobbies and Crafts to Take Up in Retirement

Getting older is a time to kick back, relax, and reap the benefits of all your hard-earned work in younger decades. You might look for new hobbies and crafts to take up in retirement, or you might already have some favorite ways to spend your days.

Retirement communities can offer opportunities to connect with people your age and provide many options to participate in group activities or develop a solo hobby. If you want to try something new, here are some great ideas for you to explore.

Herb Window Gardening

Not all gardening has to take place outdoors. If you don’t have a yard or experience limited mobility, you can start a small garden on your windowsill, patio, or even on the kitchen counter. Growing herbs in pots can brighten up a room and freshen any meal!

Sewing, Knitting, and Crocheting

Learning how to work with fabrics is an excellent hobby to pick up. There are hundreds of tutorials and patterns available online. If you can read, you can create! You can also develop stronger hand-eye coordination, make gifts for loved ones, and hang out with friends while doing it.

Cooking or Baking

There are always new recipes to make, thanks to the millions of food blogs available online. Have a friend over to try out a unique taco flavor or find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Puzzles, Board Games, and Cards

You can never run out of options for puzzles, board games, and card games. The best part? You can find something to work on alone or with others. Start a monthly poker or bingo night, aim to finish a jigsaw puzzle every week, or work on sudoku or crosswords at the end of the day.

Woodworking and Jewelry Making

It is rewarding to have a hobby that allows you to collect or gift your creations. The possibilities of making jewelry are endless, and there are even different types of woodworking that you can explore.


What is better than opening up all those dusty boxes, finding your favorite photos, and putting them on display to relive? Scrapbooking is a beautiful way to create a living memoir of your life.

Try out any or all of these six hobbies and crafts to take up in retirement today!