6 Group Activity Ideas for Your Senior Community

Senior Activities

Group activities are a great way for seniors to enjoy themselves and keep busy and social. Do you offer these options at your senior community:

Book and Movie Clubs

Book clubs, where everyone reads a book together and discusses it, are a great way to spend time. If your residents have difficulty reading, play an audio book for them. You can also read poetry aloud. Another option is watching an interesting movie together, then discussing it.

Game Clubs

Getting together to play games has long been a favorite of pass time of this generation! From bridge to gin rummy and dominoes, you probably have some card sharks in your midst, so be careful betting! The games can be decided based on interest, capacity and ability.

Exercise Groups

Exercise is a great group activity. Plan something that everyone can partake in. Even small things make a difference. You can do easy yoga that can be done in a seated position. Dancing is also a great exercise activity that is also fun. What about a nature walk?

Group Projects

Completing a project always bring people together, especially if it’s for a good cause.  Your group can donate items for the needy, quilt, sew of knit for someone. They can do arts and crafts or scrap booking. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, you might be surprised at the participation you get in everything from stuffing envelopes to chopping onions.

Relaxation & Socialization Time

You can also get together just to relax. Neighbors can just sit and chit-chat over drinks and good food. You can listen to music together or just meditate. Do you offer a happy hour? It might be nice for everyone.

Sporting Events

Do your residents have a favorite team or a bitter rivalry? Cheering on a favorite team or player can bring back fun memories.

For more ideas on group activities, ask your residents what they like to do. What do they miss doing? From pet therapy sessions to museum visits, there is an endless list of group activities for your residents. And the more fun everyone has, the happier they are!