6 Apps That Can Help Seniors Stay in The Loop

Apps for Senior Care

Many people have an image of seniors sitting in an arts and crafts room making popsicle stick bird houses, which is fine if you enjoy that type of living, but seniors can live vibrant lives, enjoying all the things they were too busy to do before they retired! The following Apps are free to download on your tablet or mobile device, and either take some of the busy work out of daily life, or add more fun to it.


Talking to loved ones on the phone is nice, but with Skype, seniors can see them too. This App is really convenient for those who have loved ones that don’t live in close proximity. Imagine seniors being able to read a bedtime story to their grandchildren, or getting a call from an old high school friend who has moved far away. Skype can make keeping in touch feel more meaningful.

Page Once

Even though they may be retired, seniors still have finances to manage. This App manages their finances through the control center of an app. Some of the features in the App include a monthly bill tracker, bill organizer, and access to online bill pay setups. No more sitting down to write out checks each month!


Fancy a game of chess? Whether an experienced player, or beginner Stockfish sets up each level of expertise with a worthy opponent. Customize the experience by level and playing style. Seniors can also play with others in their community for a little healthy competition. It’s a great way to socialize with your neighbors or someone across the country!

Virtuoso Piano Free 3

Love music or playing instruments? This app allows individuals to create music and songs for free. The app turns your screen into a piano, or one of several other instruments you can play. Don’t forget to record and share the creations with family and friends.


We all know the positives that interactive brain games can bring to people of all ages & especially seniors. Luminosity offers fun and engaging games that are designed to keep the brain sharp, and at the top of its game. Choose from Sudoku, Crosswords, Skeeball and other word games.

Ted Talks

When seniors have down time and TV has become boring, try viewing the Ted Talks app. From the App seniors can view inspirational and informative talks from people like Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, and more. Choose from topics like art, entertainment, history, and health care. The list is endless and the talks are fascinating!


These Apps, and many more are valuable in supporting the continued development, independence and enjoyment of seniors. Learning and living doesn’t end, and technology helps the learning to continue. What are some of the Apps you use?