5 Tips for Reaching Seniors On Social Media

When it comes to marketing to seniors, many people overlook social media. The reality, however, is that many seniors are using social media, and with the proper social media marketing strategy, you can reach them effectively. Here are some tips for marketing to seniors on social media.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Facebook and Twitter may be better platforms to use than something like Snapchat or LinkedIn, which attract a younger crowd. Instagram is also a good platform. Don’t forget Youtube, which is a great place to establish yourself as an expert on retirement living advice and also provide peeks into what life is like in your community.

Tap Into the Power of Visuals

Social media lets you create a portfolio of the best snapshots of your retirement living community. Use Instagram and Facebook to showcase the best moments experienced at your community and the pictures that best display the comfort and warmth that you offer.

Use Demographic Targeting

Facebook has great tools that let you target specific demographics in your advertising campaigns. You can target people of a certain age, people who make a certain amount of money per year, people who have shown an interest in a particular subject, and much more. This makes it easy to target either seniors or their children.

Establish a Community

Social media allows you to establish a community. You can provide a platform where you offer tips and advice on retirement living. You can use your platform to announce upcoming events and other happenings at your living facility.

Promote Trial Runs

You can promote trial runs at your facility. For example, you can host one-day events that allow people to experience what living in your community is like without any commitment. This is a great way for people to get over the fear that they may not like it.