5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Care Taker For Your Loved One

by: Ben Philip

A few years back, people would inherit the cultural tradition of taking care of their loved ones when they would grow old even if they had to leave their jobs and education. Now times have changed, and the dynamics of caretaking have been transferred in the corporate world. You will be surprised to know that caretaking has become a business down the years, and professional services are provided against money. If you are looking forward to hiring a suitable caretaker for your loved one because of lack of time or your chaotic routine, hire a person who you believe is going to be the best after you. In this article, I will guide you through 5 things to keep in mind when choosing a caretaker for your loved one.

5 things to keep in mind when choosing a caretaker:

1. Check his/her social media profile

In this day and age, working professionals make the best possible use of social media to project their services and work. If you are hiring somebody online, check his/her social media profile thoroughly and do go through customer reviews. Some people even have their personalized websites where they post blogs about their work and offer services after you register there. Once you are sure about the veracity of the person’s services, only then position a meeting somewhere.

2. Conduct a background check

It is very crucial that the person you’re hiring must have a clean background in terms of having no criminal record at all. If you are hiring professionals from Home Care Calgary, you need not worry much because the company already hires people who have a clean background. However, if you are hiring somebody randomly based on online interaction or just because somebody suggested, you need to check the person’s address, criminal records, education, work experience, etc.

3. Don’t overlook the experience

To deal with older adults, one needs to be patient enough. Have you asked the caretaker about the experience at work? Are you sure he/she will be able to manage your loved one just the way you do? If yes, you’re good to go with that person. You also need to check the person’s behavior before hiring him/her. Fix a meeting between the prospective caretaker and the rest of the family. Ask several questions and tell about your family.

4. See if your loved one’s routine matches the care taker’s timings

Unless you don’t have a 24/7 caretaker at home for your loved one, you will need to check with the caretaker for his/her timings in compliance with the routine of your loved one. Keep in mind that older adults are like kids; they are stubborn at times and don’t like to change their routine. Explain everything to the person as you would to a doctor and choose a favorable slot when the caretaker can easily visit your house.

5. Consult about fees in advance

All the finances must be agreed upon before the initiation of the contract. Everything should be in written form, and nothing should be verbal. If you are hiring a caretaker through an agency, the dynamics of payment will be completely different. However, with somebody who randomly provides services at home, you need to be mindful about the fees plan, payment mode, etc.


Lastly, keep in mind that nobody is better than you for your loved one. The love and warmth which you provide are unmatchable as compared to somebody who has been hired for the job.