4 Website Must-Haves for Senior Communities & Care Providers

Your website is one of the primary ways that you can reach more potential customers. But to get the best results from your website, you need to optimize it for today’s seniors and their families. Here are the top things your senior website must have in order to successfully attract more prospective customers.

1. Large, easy-to-read text. This one should be pretty obvious, but make sure that the content on your website is accessible and easy to read. Use larger font sizes for the text on your website, and stick to a simple, classic font like Arial or Times New Roman to ensure easy readability. Similarly, you will want to make sure that any links are easy to find and click. Stick to simple color schemes with lots of contrast—black text on a white background for the main content on your website is always a safe bet. Leave the fancy, fun fonts and tiny text off of your website— your customers will appreciate it.

2. Contact information,especially a phone number. Of course, you’ll want to give prospects an easy way to reach you — that’s the case with any business! When you work with seniors, though, you will want to carefully consider the contact channels you put on your website. In fact, you will most likely want to include multiple ways your organization can be contacted. Seniors will appreciate it most if you have your company’s phone number prominently displayed on your website so they can call for the information they need and speak directly to a representative, while their family members may prefer digital communication. To be safe and meet both of these needs, offer multiple methods of contact: a form on your website, a phone number, and email address should cover the bases.

3. Photos (and not stock photos). Seniors and their families will appreciate seeing actual photographs of the community and caretakers on your website. Having plenty of photographs offer a better look at what you offer, and builds trust that you are proud of the services and community you offer. You may also want to consider having professional photographs of caretakers and other employees to help prospective customers feel a stronger sense of familiarity and trust when they think of your organization. But make sure that the photographs are high-quality, and consider hiring a professional photographer to make sure that the photographs really put you in a good light.

4. Mobile Compatibility. More and more users are searching online, linking from emails, and visiting social channels online. If your website is not mobile friendly or responsive, you are not only making it difficult for visitors who try to access your site from their phones, but you are being punished by Google. Google promotes sites that are mobile friendly, so if you just can’t get your SEO where you want it, consider this option.

New LifeStyles can help you by updating your site to be search engine and mobile friendly and send a photographer out to shoot pictures of your community. Contact us to learn more.