4 Practical Devices Caregivers Might Recommend for Seniors Aging-In-Place

As youngsters, we work hard to gain independence. However, that precious treasure can be threatened as we age due to decreased mobility and other physical limitations. Thankfully, there are many safety products to help seniors and their families with these issues. And with the help of these products, home modifications, and other adjustments, millions of seniors are successfully aging-in-place. Here are 4 items that might be practical for you or your loved one.

  1. Medication dispensing system. Having one pill to be taken daily can be difficult in itself. However, many seniors have a few medications to take, scattered throughout the day. Dispensing systems can help keep track of even the most complex regimens, some even give verbal reminders and keep records.
  2. Motion sensor lighting. Many homeowners have this type of lighting outdoors, to help them see clearly when they approach the home at night or to alert them to visitors. However, it is possible to install motion sensors indoors to automatically turn on the light when a senior enters a room. This eliminates the need to fumble around, potentially getting hurt.
  3. Anti-scald attachments can help prevent many burns from sink faucets or shower heads. It is so easy to increase the water temperature to the point where it is unsafe. Attachments can help seniors avoid this, by creating a specific limit.
  4. Senior-friendly cell phones. A mobile phone would be of no use to its owner if it is too difficult to use. Thankfully, several companies make phones that are senior-friendly, with larger buttons, brighter displays, and other great features.

There are so many products to keep seniors safe. Many of them can also help loved ones maintain their independence as long as possible. But aging-in-place doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Home care providers can offer assistance.