4 of the Best Hobbies for New Retirees

One of the biggest struggles for new retirees is finding things to keep themselves busy and productive. Fortunately, retirement is the perfect time to learn or try something new, and you can often find plenty of opportunities to do so in your town or retirement community. When you’re searching for the best hobbies for new retirees, try these options that will keep you creative, social, and active.


The number of different volunteering options to choose from is nearly limitless. You can join a local charity organization or fundraise for a nationwide cause you support. Volunteer organizations are great ways to meet new people, and they provide opportunities for trying different things. You can participate in a charity run or walk, work a fundraising or information booth, and attend many other kinds of events with your organization.


Throughout our working lives, finding the time to get out and reconnect with nature can be difficult. One hobby that lets you catch up on your time in the great outdoors is beekeeping. There’s a growing love for honeybees, and the beekeeping community is growing along with it. This pastime takes a bit of investment, especially when you’re just getting started, but it’s a great way to care for something and benefit your local environment. You can also make some extra cash by selling honey or other bee-related products down the road.


The best hobbies for new retirees are often the ones that teach you new skills, which is why art in all its various forms is an excellent choice. You can teach yourself to paint or knit with online tutorials, pick up an instrument and join a local band, or attend classes to learn pottery, glass-blowing, or woodworking. As with many of these hobbies, joining art or music classes doubles as a way to get involved with your community and meet new people.

Book Clubs

Book clubs are great opportunities for any age, and if you haven’t had the time to join one before, now’s the perfect chance to start. You’ll get to have fantastic discussions with a diverse group of people, and you’ll be introduced to an entire list of new books to enjoy. Find a club that reads in your favorite genre, or branch out and use your book club as an opportunity to read books you would otherwise never pick up. Either way, it’s a great way to satisfy both your social side and your scholarly side during retirement.

There are so many activities and hobbie available these days, from good old fashioned fishing to golf, cards and yoga. Try them all! You never know what might tickle your fancy.