10 Things You Can Do After 60 To Stay Happy And Fit

by: Emily John

Aging is an inevitable process that all of us have to go through. From being a baby to being grandparents all of usHappy Seniors image have to get there at some point. After a certain age, our bodies start to weaken and those hormones don’t work the way they used to. The need to take care of ourselves, including our mental and physical health, increases when we reach an older stage.

As we reach an age of 60, we face some of the major life changes such as retirement, loss of loved ones, children leaving us, etc. However, being happy and fit is extremely important even at this age as studies suggest that people who are happier are less likely to develop serious diseases such as heart diseases or diabetes when they hit 60s, compared to people who aren’t happy with their lives.

If you’re in your sixties or are reaching that number and want to make changes in your lifestyle to be happier and fitter then you have landed on the right page.

Given below are ten things you can do to stay happy and fit when you begin to get old:

Get Some Exercise

Exercising is the best way to increase strength, vitality, and agility. Moreover, it can also help improve sleep and keep the mind healthy. A Swedish study suggests that exercising helps add years to your life.

Exercising helps strengthen the bones and muscles that weaken over the years. Weak bones and muscles can cause serious injuries, which is why it is important to strengthen them.

It even helps relieve pain due to arthritis. However, if you have such health issues then it is important that you first speak to a doctor before you exert any pressure on your bones or muscles as it can backfire.

Moreover, exercise can also help maintain and control weight, prevent diseases such as diabetes, lower blood pressure, boost metabolism and improve the immune system.

Exercise even has profound effects on brain and can boost memory, cognitive skills. Some studies also suggest that a light workout can help avoid dementia.

It’s never too late to exercise. In fact, many studies suggest that exercising at an old age can have more benefits at times. You only need to make sure you’re physically active.

You don’t have to start extreme. It’s okay to go slow. You can start with a morning walk.

Take Care of Your Nutrition

Eating a nutritious diet is a vital part of staying fit and being healthy. As you age your taste buds evolve and metabolism changes. How your body processes and digests foods changes as well which is why it’s crucial to make sure what you’re putting in your body is healthy.

Avoid sugary foods and reduce the consumption of refined foods. Incorporate organic whole foods that are high in fiber in your diet. This will help keep your colon healthy.

Also, eat lean meat for good quality protein. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and wash the toxins out of your body.

You should also take care of your illnesses. For example, if you have diabetes then make sure to keep an eye on your sugar consumption. Same goes for hypertension where you need to reduce the consumption of sodium.

 Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is extremely important for your health. As you age getting a good night’s sleep gets difficult. With growing age problem like insomnia, daytime sleepiness and trouble sleeping become a common occurrence.

Developing healthy sleeping habits can be a way around such issues. Avoid using electronics one hour prior to bedtime. Make sure that your room is dark and quiet. You can try using scented candles to make the environment more pleasant. Having a warm bath prior to bedtime can also help get a good sleep.

Plan Retirement

Let’s face it, we have to retire sooner or later. You must plan to retire at the right age so that you don’t have to work very hard when you can’t.

Retirement can be tough as it involves taking away a huge part of your daily routine that is now left with a void to fill. This void, if not filled properly, can leave you depressed.

Try finding a job after retirement. There are plenty of jobs you can do after retirement that are not very taxing. Now thanks to PowerJackMotion linear actuators and other such tools, even the construction industry is a good place for seniors to have a career in.

 Spend Time with Family

Family time is extremely important for your well being. Studies suggest that people who socialized with family are happier and enjoyed life more compared to people who don’t socialize much. Humans need attention and there is no better way to get it than to turn to your friends and family.

Make sure that you socialize with at least one person everyday. If you are widowed, divorced or single then consider going out on a date. There are several dating sites that may help you out with it.

 Join a Support Group

Support groups help you get in touch with people of similar interest or problems. These groups can help you open up. It’s a good way to relax and make new friends.

 Make New Friends

Old age can be tough as we lose most of our loved ones and people close to us. This can leave a void in our life. The best way to fill this void is to let others enter our life.

Try making new friends to fill this void. You can use support groups, social media or dating sites to find new friends.

Take Care of Your Looks

Take care of yourself and pamper yourself. Go to a spa and get a massage. It will help you relax and provide you with other benefits as well.

Go to a salon to get a haircut; in fact, don’t shy away from getting a makeover. You’re never too old to look good. Looking good can help you feel confident and make you happy.

Pick Up New Interesting Hobbies

Look forward to something new every day. Do what you could not do earlier due to time constraints or other such reasons and make it a point to do it now.

This will keep you occupied and give you a sense of achievement and purpose.

Learn to Cope and Be Grateful

This is one of the most important things on our list. Stop taking things for granted and appreciate the good things in your life. Look around yourself, appreciate your family and be grateful for the blessing that you have.

Learn to accept the things you can’t change and just let the happiness come from within. You don’t have to depend on others to make you happy.