Worst Month of the Year?

January wrap Up

Now that a pretty good Super Bowl is in the books and the forecasting weather rodent has seen his shadow, we are face-to-face with February.  Unless you cherish Valentine’s Day, the rest of the month is pretty blah. So, you need some projects to keep your mind off the gateway to spring, the much more promising month of March.

How’s your web site? Is it getting you the traffic and conversions you seek?  Is it mobile friendly, or does trying to view your site or, even worse do anything on it seem impossible on your phone?  Take some time to review it, compare it to your competitors and test it on the various devices.

Are you happy with its look and analytics?  Great!  If not, it’s time to contact New LifeStyles.

We have been busy designing a number of new looks that can make your web site far more desirable and attractive to search engines.  Reply today and we’ll take 14% off any newsite!

Need motivation for advertise in the New LifeStyles guides for the next round starting in March?? Mention this blog and get 50% off a new full or half page ad (if you haven’t been in the guide for at least one year).  It will be a great decision and we’ll have you up on our site in 24 hours at no cost.

Currently, we are working on the following guides:



SF Bay

Pittsburgh Area

Miami/South Florida

Please contact us today for more information on our guides to senior living and care, our web site and/or a new site for you.  In the meantime, enjoy the great month of February!  Doug