Why You Should Have a Newsletter for Your Senior Living Community


Newsletters are informational pamphlets that inform seniors and their families about the updates and other great things going on in your community. These brochures can be emailed, printed or web based. We not only want to keep our residents happy, in the senior living industry, but the family members of our residents as well. In many cases, families of seniors like to know what is going on in their loved ones particular community, so a good way to keep both seniors and their loved ones informed is by distributing a monthly community newsletter. Below are a few tips on what you can incorporate in your newsletter.

  • Tell Us a Compelling Story About Someone in Your Newsletter

Whether it is a staff member, current resident or former resident, tell us a great story about them. The story could be about an interesting hobby, how a resident or staff member made a difference in their lifetime or even an amusing event that happened in their life. All you have to do is ask because you may be surprised to find the amazing stories that people have in your community.

  • Highlight the Excellent Staff Within Your Community in Your Newsletter

Not only is this a great way to thank the amazing members of your staff, but it can also serve as a good way for family members of residents to see and get to know the people that are taking care of their loved ones. You can write a short section on the staff member of the month that highlights his/her favorite part of being a caregiver. You may want to also include how long they’ve been working for the community and what inspired them to become a caregiver in the first place.

  • It’s All About the Visuals For a Newsletter

Try to incorporate warm and inviting colors into your newsletter. Have your community logo displayed on the front of the newsletter and on the corresponding pages. If your newsletter is being dispersed digitally, you can add links to videos that show footage of your community and its events. Lastly don’t forget the pictures and graphics. An all text newsletter can be quite boring to read. By adding graphics, charts, and pictures, you can help keep the content lively.

  • Focus on What Your Community is Doing This Month in Your Newsletter

Tell us about any events or fundraisers that your community is hosting. You can provide information about the date, time, place and purpose of the events. This is a good way to get people to come to your events, while informing others of what operations your community is a part of. After the occasion has passed, you may want to write an article about how it went and include pictures.

Overall, a monthly newsletter can be a great component to your senior living community. These newsletters not only inform residents and their family, but can serve as an entertaining read as well.