Where is your next resident/client coming from?

This is a question we ask ourselves everyday as we look to build the best marketing package for our clients.  The more new avenues are opened, the more the answer is a solid EVERYWHERE.

         From a recent hospital stay where it has become apparent a change in a care plan or housing situation is needed.

         From a doctor’s office after another issue has cropped up

         From the mobile phone of an adult child concerned about their mom or dad

         From the internet where a senior, their family or a professional is finding the next phase of a senior’s life

         From a pharmacy, grocery or church where someone found a copy of a senior housing and care guide and it provoked thought on the need for change

         From a car where a family with a declining father is checking out communities they found in a guide or online and they stop by.

In other words, you have to be prepared in every phase of your marketing plan, from making sure you are visible in all these advertising mediums to having a fool proof system when you receive a call, online inquiry or drop in.

For 2018, more than ever, New LifeStyles is the place to start, as you can hit all these sources with just one investment for as low as $75 per month.

IF NEEDED, we can defer billing until 2018!

Currently, we are working on the following guides:

St. Louis

Kansas City

San Diego

Fort Worth


All have great distribution and most are in the top 15 of our nationwide search markets.

We have recently made changes that will increase the focus on our paid advertisers, eliminating phone numbers for non-advertisers in the print guide.  So, it’s a great time to come on board.

Please contact us today for more information on our upcoming guides, 2018 media kit and rate card, our web site and/or a new site for you.

It will make an impact now and over time!  Contact us immediately to get started and your site will be live for 2018 or before

Thanks, Doug