What Exactly is In Home Care?



Alison Johnston, is a Denver based writer who enjoys writing about overall health and mental wellness.

What is in home care? In home care provides assistance to allow the client to stay in their homes, instead of staying in a hospital, nursing home, or a rehabilitation facility. In home care is available to people of all ages; from senior citizens to children, veterans, people with chronic illnesses, or someone recovering from medical procedures. Home caregiving companies offer short or long term help, specialized programs for people with specific ailments and unique and flexible plans so they can fit the clients’ needs.

Services home caregivers can provide help with include remembering medications, bathing, grooming, hygiene, and other everyday activities. Services also expand to tasks such as housekeeping chores, transportation, and meals. Customized care may include:

• Comprehensive personal care services that can range from people who need a little help, some companionship, or to clients who need a lot of assistance.

• Rehabilitation care is for people who need some help after surgery, a medical procedure, or during an illness to aid in recovery at home.

• Transportation services include convenient and safe transportation to appointments, hospitals, worship, shopping, errands,social events, bingo nights, etc.

• Many of these services can be provided around the clock for clients who need 24-hour assistance.

Wondering what the difference is between in home care and home healthcare? Home healthcare is administered by a skilled medical worker,under the direction of a doctor or other health professional.

Home health care services include:

• Skilled nursing at home.
• Physical therapy at home.
• Pain management at home.
• Wound care.
• Prescription and medication management.
• Recovery and rehabilitation care in a home setting, for health problems requiring medical skills.

Home health care and home caregiving work together, for the client’s benefit. The medical professionals provide the skilled care needed. The in home care professionals provide other services which do not necessarily require medical skills.

Home caregiving can include specialized programs for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. These programs are designed to help the client and family deal with dementia. They try to help structure home life in a way which allows the individual to function normally for as long as possible in a safe home setting.

Things to consider when deciding whether you need home care services for a loved one include: Can he or she live at home safely and comfortably? Fix meals? Remember to take their medicines? Go out to run errands? Make it to social gatherings on time? The number of benefits of in home care a family can receive from extra assistance around the home cannot be measured.

So what exactly is in home care? The short answer is it is a professional service that allows the client to have the freedom to live a dignified life in their own