Spring Forward

Prepare for the worst day of the year, when we spring forward and lose an hour of sleep, its coming this weekend.

But, March brings a lot of excitement around New LifeStyles, as we will debut our redesigned site – stronger, faster and even more search engine friendly.  The new site will have a few new features and will be geared with an emphasis on lead generation.

So, if you do not have a presence on the site, now is the time!

Send me an e-mail, mention the code word CLOVER and we will set you up with a listing, description, link to your site and graphic for three months at no cost (first time clients only).

In addition, we will provide a free analysis of your web site for mobile and search engine effectiveness, as well as senior friendliness. Just let us know when you want this service.

In March, along with spring break and St. Patrick’s day, these New LifeStyles guides close to new clients for the next edition:

SF Bay Area – This guide is the primary guide for San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and the East Bay

Pittsburgh/SW PA – Great coverage in an area with excellent senior care and hospitals

South Florida – One of our largest distributions

Orange County – Already a number of new advertisers for the next edition, don’t get left out.

Always remember that every print client reaches their demographic four ways – print guide, online search tool, mobile platform and virtual guide.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.  Doug