Should You Move Your Parent in With You?


The signs may all be there. Your parent’s health is failing. He or she is struggling to get through the day, barely leaving the house and not eating very much. Maybe you are worried about him or her falling. You have several choices. You can move in with your parent, have him or her move in with you or think about assisted living options. Each has their own advantages.

So, should you let your parent move in with you? Below are some tips and questions to ask yourself that can help you make the best decision for your loved one.

  • Think About the Care That Your Parent Will Need

Though some parents just need the socialization and a little extra care, others will need full care. They may need medicine given to them regularly, help getting a shower and even help going to the bathroom. Some seniors can’t be left alone at all.

  • Are You Able to Provide That Care for Him or Her?

It is very important that you decide if you are capable and able to provide everything that your parent needs. Do you work 12 hours a day? Will you need someone to stay at the house when you are gone? Do you know someone who is willing to help? Do you have the patience to do it?

  • Is Your Home Equipped for Your Parent?

Do you have an extra bathroom? Is your house wheelchair accessible, if needed? Is the bathroom close by and big enough? If you need to renovate, are you willing to do so?

  • Think About Moving Your Loved One into an Assisted Living Community

Assisted living is a combining of housing, personalized supportive services and health care designed to meet the individual needs of your loved one who needs help with the activities of daily living. If your parent needs assistance with daily living, New LifeStyles can help you find a community that fits his or her needs.

The choice to let your parent move in with you is not as simple as having a spare room. You have to decide if you are able to provide the level of care that he or she needs, especially if you are working. You also have to make sure that your home is properly equipped for what your parent needs or if you are going to have to do some renovations. Though it may be the greatest thing that you could give to your parent, it may not be the right choice for everyone.