Senior Caregiving: Helping Seniors Capture Their Legacy

Senior and Caregiver Reviewing pictures

It has been said that reminiscing for seniors “is a way to affirm who they are, what they’ve accomplished in their lives, and a chance to relive happy times”. (Provider magazine)  If you are provide care for a senior, consider how you can help them achieve those goals while you capture their legacy with the following suggestions.

  1. Find out where they grew up. Don’t just ask the name of the city and state. Ask them what the environment was like. Was it a small town where everyone knew each other or a bustling city that had its own unique benefits? And how did growing up there affect them?
  2. Did your loved one have a spouse? If so, they probably miss them very much. They would love to talk about how they met, what made them fall in love, and other fond memories. If your loved one is dealing with memory loss, this is a great way for them to enjoy talking about things that they actually remember in vivid details.
  3. What kind of jobs did they have over the years? You might know what profession they retired from. But was that always what they wanted to do in life? They might have done a lot of odd jobs as a young person and learned much about industriousness.
  4. If the special senior is your parent, take the opportunity to discover what your grandparents were like. While they held a particular role in your life, they were likely quite different when they raised your Mom or Dad.

These are just a few suggestions. As you open the door to conversation, you will probably think of more questions to ask. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the bonding experience as you get a clearer view of the legacy behind the person you hold dear. If you are care giving from afar, there are even companies now that will document your loved ones life legacy for you. They conduct the interviews, scan images and put it all together. What a great gift for them & all of the generations to come!