Medication Education: Keeping Your Loved One’s Home Safe

For years, public health and law enforcement officials have spoken about the dangers of illegal drug use. Most Americans are warned about these by the time they reach elementary school. However, recent concerns about the rising levels of opioid abuse and the misuse of other medications make it clear that legal drugs can be just as dangerous. Medications prescribed by a doctor can be abused just as easily as anything purchased through illicit means. This is why it is extremely important to be aware of how to be safe with any type of medication.

Being careless with your or your loved one’s prescriptions can have devastating consequences for you and others. For example, failing to consult your physician or pharmacist before taking an over-the-counter medicine could result in a dangerous interaction with your prescription. Using any medicine after its expiration date can be hazardous to your health. Leaving medications out in the open could lead to accidental ingestion or someone stealing them to take or to sell on the black market. If you have a senior family member who takes prescription drugs regularly, you may need to keep a watchful eye out for signs of hoarding, misplacement, misuse, or other types of abuse. For your safety and the protection of loved ones, in-home caregivers should take attentive care whenever handling medications.

One of the best pieces of advice is to talk to your doctor regularly about any medications you & your loved ones may be using, and always follow the instructions for each one carefully. If you have children, seniors with dementia &/or caregivers in the house, it’s also crucial to keep track of your prescriptions in their original containers or use another type of childproof container for storing them. It is also important to note when prescriptions are refilled to verify that they are being tken on schedule. Pharmaceuticals are a powerful tool for your well-being, and it’s essential that they be kept out of the wrong hands.

For these and other important facts about prescription medicine safety, see below:

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