Last Minute Tips for Independence Day at your Living Community


Independence Day is upon us and its time to make plans to celebrate. While it is often customary to have a barbecue or head over to a relative’s house on this day; Some seniors in your community may not have that option, and we don’t want them to miss out on all of the fun. Here are a few things you can do at your community to celebrate the Fourth of July!

Red White & Blue!
Ring in the Fourth of July celebration by decorating your community with a red, white and blue theme. Decorate with balloons, American Flags and other patriotic adornments. You can even host an arts and craft time where your residents can make Independence Day inspired paintings, pottery, lanterns or candles.
Be flexible with your activities
Every senior is different, so it is important to host activities that can cater to all of the residents in your community. If your senior living community hosts transportation services, plan a trip to participate in your local Independence Day parade or fireworks. For the seniors who may not want to participate in outdoor activities you can plan a patriotic movie night. “The Best Years of Our Lives,” “1776,” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” are all good choices to get in the Independence Day Spirit. Don’t forget the snacks!
Get creative with food!
We all know the 3 staple menu options for the Fourth of July, Hotdogs, Hamburgers and potato salad. And even though these options are tasty, some seniors have dietary restrictions that stop them from enjoying certain foods. So be sure to adhere to seniors needs when creating the menu. Try foods such as grilled fish, sweet potatoes, fresh fruit or grilled veggies. Don’t forget the desserts and snacks! Try healthier Independence Day inspired treats such as Watermelon Fruit Pizza, red white and blue parfaits and fresh fruit pies.
In all, planning Fourth of July fun at your community gives your residents fun activities to look forward to. Let us know some of the activities your community participates in during Independence Day!