Exercise Options for Seniors in Independent Living Communities

Seniors Exercising image

As seniors age, they start to slow down and health deteriorates. However, little low-impact exercise on a daily can make a big difference for health, lifestyle, longevity, mental acuity and much more. That’s why seniors should make a special effort to stay active. There are a few activities which are especially helpful for seniors in independent living communities.



The practice of yoga is becoming more and more popular around the country. It is a great exercise for seniors because they can stretch and move every part of their bodies without expending too much energy. Yoga may even be practiced while sitting on chairs rather than a mat.



Of course, traditional aerobic activity is extremely stressful on the body. It requires pressure, sweat and intense exercise. In contrast, slow moving aquarobics in a pool is virtually stress free. Seniors move their bodies in the pool while an instructor leads them in all the movements.



Of course, slow walking is the traditional exercise that most seniors engage in daily. Walking in a park, around a lake or even down the street is a good way to get outside and keep active. It is low impact and gets most of your joints working. For seniors that don’t have the resources to engage in other forms of exercise, this is always a good option.


Nature Trips

Seniors that still are in Independent Living may like to get out of the home and take a trip through nature. On the trip they may engage in biking, hiking, climbing and swimming. Active seniors still can pursue all of these activities. 



You are never too old to dance! Active seniors have become increasingly engaged in all types of dance dance classes including ballroom, contemporary, tap, cha cha and more.


Best of all, these activities are so much fun they don’t feel like exercise!