Dog Days


We are based in Dallas and this time of year really personifies the dog days of summer. Its really hot, been hot for a few weeks and we still have to get through August. Sometimes there are dog days in our industry. You have a few move-outs in the same time frame and filling them is not going well. You are putting in your best efforts, doing everything right, but things go slowly. What do you do? Get discouraged and lose your energy or redouble your efforts and make sure that you and your marketing team/materials/strategy are not the reason?

The latter is hopefully the answer. Fall is coming and that’s a great time to accomplish your goals for the rest of the year. To take charge in your community or with your care providing business and prospect through all of the available channels. Print is still a very viable option, as studies show people, especially older demographics put more trust in what they see in print. Of course, you have to have a web presence, utilizing 2-3 online senior housing and care sites and having your web site up to date.

It’s a big job, but by working with us here at New LifeStyles you can accomplish all of this and more. Contact us today to learn about advertising packages that include a new web site. It truly is one stop shopping with a company with 30 years in the industry and a portfolio of over 300 web sites.

Need motivation?? Mention this blog and get 50% off a new full or half page ad (if you haven’t been in the guide for at least one year). It will be a great decision and we’ll have you up on our site in 24 hours.

Currently, we are working on the following guides:



All have great distribution and excellent online traffic. Our site, continues to perform well, with a 50% increase in traffic and improvement in all quality traffic numbers.

Please email us today for more information on our guides to senior living and care, our web site and/or a new site for you. In the meantime, drink plenty of fluids and stay positive! Doug