Choosing the Appropriate Senior Living Community with Brenda Dever-Armstrong


When you or your loved one decide that living in a senior living community is better than aging in place at home, the next step is to find the appropriate place. There are many choices to make and things to take into consideration. Whether you are looking at independent living, assisted living, memory care, nursing homes or a continuing care retirement community, you must choose wisely, and find something that will fit your needs. Someone who knows all about serving people and helping them when it comes to choosing the perfect community is Brenda Dever-Armstrong.

Brenda Dever-Armstrong is the CEO and Owner of The Next Horizon Senior Military Locator/Resource/Advocate. She has been in the Senior industry for 22 years and opened her company 14 years ago. The Next Horizon helps seniors and military 55 years and over in locating housing, medical care, senior communities, legal, financial, realtors, movers or whatever the need may be now or in the near future. The Next Horizon is located in San Antonio, Texas, but Brenda covers all of Texas and works with clients living out of state.

When it comes to choosing the right community for you or your loved one, Brenda said it is important to know that when you are looking online and searching for a senior living community, don’t just look at one site, look at several. When you call or visit a community, take the time to do your research about that community. By using an Advocate, such as Brenda, she can narrow the selection progress by asking the “right” questions to the Director, Admission or Marketing Director of those communities. In other words, an Advocate can usually pin-point which community will meet your loved one(s) lifestyle and healthcare needs.

“When you are looking for a community, ask them the following questions: How many years have their Director and Staff been at the community; What type of training has their staff had working with Seniors and how often is the training updated; What is the ratio of staff to patients; When was their last State Inspection,” Brenda said in a recent interview.

Brenda suggests some helpful resources when planning your search for an appropriate community include: the official U.S. government site for Medicare, as well as the Social Security Administration site, to find nursing homes. If you served in the military, you can go to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs site. These sites cover just about everything you need to know or ask when looking for information regarding your medicare program, up-to-date information about your social security and military, for good information on programs that might be available to you and/or your spouse.