Celebrate Older Americans Month with Your Residents

Everyone has the need to feel special. Seniors can often feel as if they have been forgotten in the fast pace of the world. Older Americans Month is a great opportunity to meet friends, enjoy special activities and try sensational food. However, a designated holiday doesn’t have to be only one time per year. Create your own special day for giving a senior something to look forward to by celebrating Older Americans Month during the month of May. Here are a few ideas.

4 Seasons and Astrology

Seniors love to learn. There is no lack of learning when it comes to the stars. The seasons are associated with certain star patterns and can be exhilarating to follow. This can be a good past time for men and women alike with the final climax as each season arrives. Binoculars and telescopes can aid in watching the changing skies, learning the patterns and sharing with others. Plan a unique function on each upcoming season, like a trip to a planetarium, hosting a guest speaker, or just sharing the amazing change of each season with a senior.

Antique Shows and Auctions

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming antique shows and auctions that will bring back memories of days gone by. This can be intriguing and stimulating for one or more seniors. Be sure to take a pen and paper to write down the most talked about articles for later discussion. They may even wish to make a purchase or two. This type of activity can be planned during Older Americans Month with other seniors. Finish the occasion with a treat and good discussion.

These are just a couple of examples of how seniors can look forward to special days. Gifts for seniors will be easy to select when new interests are developed. Constellation charts, binoculars and educational guides are great ideas for studying astrology and the changing seasons. Books on antiques and their worth will be fulfilling. Find that one interest that brings a twinkle to the eye of senior citizens. Their calendars will be filled with exciting meetings and journeys to keep their minds cheerful and their bodies active.