Adjusting the Market for the Senior Clientele

When most seniors think of moving to a senior community, one of the first thoughts that might cross their mind is, “What about my personal belongings?” This might seem irrational at first glance, but when looked into a little deeper, it can be seen that this is not somuch a materialistic thought, as it is a fear of loss.

Seniors image

Most seniors go from a few thousand square feet, to only a few hundred square feet, if that. Taking away the fear of losing privacy, personal belongings, and personal space, can alleviate some of the anxiety a resident might feel during this process.

The most important thing to remember when marketing specifically to senior patrons, is that this is their life taking a major turn. While that turn may not be for the worse, of course, it is a huge life change. Subtle reassurance within every blog post, commercial, pamphlet, and meeting, not only makes the client feel better, but also the family. Subtle reassurance not just mentioning how wonderful your staff is, or your amazing physical therapy services, but also the types of food served for what kinds of clients, activities, and help in fitting personal items in each room/apartment. It’s always nice to have an example of a “homey” space ready to show visitors.

The patrons want to hear what the staff turnover is like, and why. They would like to be reassured that if they fall asleep to music at home, would they be allowed to do so at the facility? If they used a box fan at home, will they be allowed to have it in their room? These are the important things to consider when marketing to the senior client. Their personal interests and needs have to be shown in any commercials, pamphlets, blogs, etc. for them, as well as their families, to trust that you will support them in all they need.