A Youthful Brain at Any Age

When people think about staying fit they generally think about their physical appearance. But our brain health plays a significant role in everything we do. More research is showing that there is a lot that can be done to maintain brain health and prevent cognitive decline. There is even some research that shows a lifestyle that supports a healthy brain can prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementia. Why is this important?

Upholding a standard of living that will keep one’s brain in tip-top shape is important for many reasons. Maintaining cognitive health will help one live a longer and more pleasant life. It will ensure that one is able to perform daily activities, prevent diseases, and enjoy life to its fullest. So what steps should we take to preserve a healthy brain?

First, it is important to eat a brain-healthy diet. A diet that reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, while maintaining a healthy weight is good for our brain. This means reducing foods high in fat and cholesterol and including more protective foods. These are things like dark skinned fruits and vegetables, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Staying physically active is also very important. Physical activity helps maintain essential blood flow to the brain. In addition to this it can help prevent heart attack, stroke, and diabetes therefore reducing the risk of dementia. Taking part in physical activity that also involves a mental activity is even more beneficial. And aerobic activity has been shown to reduce brain cell loss in the elderly.

Lastly it is imperative to stay socially active. Research shows that mental decline as we age appears to be much in part to changes in brain cell connections. Staying socially active reduces stress levels which help maintain healthy connections between brain cells.

To keep your brain active daily:

  • Stay curious and involved
  • Read, write, do crossword and other puzzles
  • Attend lectures and plays
  • Enroll in courses at your local adult education center or other community group
  • Garden
  • Try memory exercises

These are all positive steps that can be taken towards a lifestyle that supports a healthy brain. And be sure and ask your doctor what else you can do. If you have questions-ASK!

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