A Few Tips for Marketing Temporary Care to Caregivers


The need for respite care and adult day care options is growing because of the many hardworking caregivers in the United States. As senior living and care professionals, you know that for some caregivers, the idea of taking a break can be a difficult concept. However, it is necessary to show caregivers that there is nothing wrong with taking a break and when they need that break, adult day care or respite care can give them the assistance they need. In order for caregivers to use your services as a helping hand, they must know about your community and what it has to offer. Below are a few tips on how to market your respite care and/or adult day care.

  • Focus on Caregivers

When it comes to caregivers, let them know that respite care and adult day care are highly recommended ways to get a mental and physical break from the rigors of taking care of a loved one. Tell caregivers not to feel guilty about needing a break, as long as they are confident in the quality of the care provided. Target caregivers, since they are the ones who make the decisions on how to provide care during the day or when they are away for a period of time. Some places and ways to start targeting caregivers may include visiting churches, community centers and even local doctors’ offices. There, you can try to place brochures in their waiting rooms and put ads in community newsletters and bulletin boards. Here at New LifeStyles, we offer print and online advertising to target those caregivers in your city.

  • Host Open Houses

In order to convince people that your community is a good fit for them, they need to see it. Try hosting some open houses that can allow caregivers and potential residents to visit. Answer any questions that they may have and provide contact information, brochures and any other relevant information that will help seniors and their caregivers and loved ones make a decision.

  • Your Care Program and What it Offers

Try to speak with local organizations about finding a good time for you to speak to a larger audience about your care program and what it has to offer for seniors. Make sure to state what type of community you are, what options you offer for caregivers and the differences and benefits that come with adult day care and respite care. Emphasize the fun activities you offer, including outings you may provide, exercise classes and/or educational courses. With all of that information, caregivers should rest easy knowing they are putting their loved one into an environment that will let them flourish, make friends and enjoy their time.

  • Social Media/SEO

As for Internet resources, use your website to pull in those caregivers who are looking for information online. When creating content on your website, use keywords, such as “Respite Care in Dallas, TX,” to bring in potential clients from search engines. Try to also incorporate social media and blogging into your marketing plans by posting informative blogs and engaging information to educate caregivers and people who may not know what respite care and adult day care entails.

Adult day care and respite care can be very helpful resources to caregivers who need extra assistance, or just simply need a break. The strategies above can help you reach out to caregivers and let them know what you have to offer and how you can help their loved ones.