2016 is Half Over??


Or, should we say that we still have half the year to make it even better?

How are things for your community or agency? Hopefully, it was been a great 2016 to date. But, there are a number of providers in the industry that are struggling to keep their census up or return it to the successful levels of the past 2-3 years. The difference between 79% full and 83% full for a larger provider could be the difference between turning a profit and operating at a loss.

We at New LifeStyles really understand this. We have had many clients come and go and then return as they battle budget shortfalls and census roller coasters. Don’t give up on your marketing dollars when times get tough, just spend them smarter. If you are looking at needing to spend less, call or e-mail us. If you are a new client, we will work with you on rates to fit your budget, especially in the short run, as we want to prove ourselves and be a long time partner for you.

Contact us today for rates and if they don’t fit, tell us what does and we will design a program to meet your needs.

What do you get from New LifeStyles?

* Extensive distribution in your community aimed at your demographic

* Leads from qualified seniors and families

* Over 60,000 people searching NewLifeStyles.com every month for senior living and care

* A Mobile site with full search capabilities that can lead people right to your door

* An online version of every guide for those who don’t have time to wait for the print version.

Oh, is this the year you need a new web site in order to be up to date and mobile responsive? Our web design group has over 350 sites live in your industry with no big upfront payments, just manageable monthly payments starting at $59 which includes great service and fresh designs.

These area guides are currently in progress, call or email today for information:

San Antonio



Washington DC


The second half of this year is hugely important, helping to build momentum for 2017. I am personally waiting for your call and will figure out some way to help you. Thanks! Doug

(Call me direct at 877-519-1683 or e-mail Doug@newlifestyles.com)