Assisted Living in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors looking for care in Rhode Island have many options. Assisted living facilities in Rhode Island are for seniors who require assistance with daily activities but do not need around the clock care and attention. In Rhode Island, assisted living is a publicly or privately operated residence that provides directly or indirectly by means of contracts or arrangements personal assistance to meet the resident's changing needs and preferences.

Average Cost of Assisted Living in Rhode Island Assisted Living in Connecticut

The average monthly cost of residence at an assisted living facility in Rhode Island was $4,931, according to a Genworth survey in 2016. Each year, Genworth surveys senior living care providers to estimate the average cost of care in over 440 regions within the United States, including Rhode Island. The average cost of assisted living care in Rhode Island will vary based on the residence and location. Care close to the Providence area tends to be higher than stays at assisted living facilities in the rest of the state. When looking for senior care, be sure you know what services and care are required for you or your loved one.

Medicaid for Seniors in Rhode Island – Assisted Living Residence

Rhode Island's state plan and Medicaid Waivers are merged under what is called the Rhode Island Global Consumer Choice Compact Waiver (also called the Rhode Island Comprehensive Demonstration). A large number of benefits and services are available under this global waiver, including personal care, homemaker services, adult day care, respite care and skilled nursing. This waiver allows for self-direction, meaning eligible Rhode Island residents can choose the caregiver of their choice.

In Rhode Island, residents must meet set income and asset guidelines in order to be eligible for Medicaid. As of 2016, seniors must not have a monthly income greater than $2,199 a month or $26,388 a year (300% of the Federal Benefit Rate). Liquid assets (bank accounts, government bonds, cash, etc.) must not exceed $2,000. If one is over the income and asset restrictions, this does not automatically call for disqualification of Medicaid. However, it is strongly recommended that one consult a Medicaid Planning Professional for assistance, as applying for Medicaid can be complicated.

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New LifeStyles is “The Source for Seniors,” providing comprehensive and quality information on assisted living residences and care services provided. We work with local service providers to ensure seniors and family members can research assisted living care options prior to selecting a community.

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