Senior Apartments

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You can find many different types of apartments for seniors, from units with numerous services and amenities in high rise retirement communities or CCRCs, to basic units in low-income, subsidized senior communities. Many assisted living and memory care communities also offer apartments instead of rooms.

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What are Senior Apartments?

Senior ApartmentsMost senior apartments fall in the independent living category, and therefore these communities are not licensed, since they don’t provide care. Click to find many independent living options that offer apartments. These units are normally studios or 1-2 bedrooms, bathrooms, and a full kitchen in an age restricted community, available for a monthly rent.

Costs of Senior Living Apartments

Senior living apartments in a continuing care retirement community will require a large down payment or buy in, plus a monthly fee. Some units in independent living and retirement communities include many community services and amenities, such as dining options, housekeeping, transportation, activity and exercise programs and more, so the rent is normally higher. The average cost of rent will certainly vary by state but senior living apartments in the US tend to cost between $1,500-$3,500 per month.

There are apartments available in 55+ or 65+ senior communities that do not have a dining room/program, but might offer some transportation and activities in a clubhouse. There are similar units available for low-income seniors through government based programs. Low-income apartments are in high demand across the country & there is usually a waiting list, so start shopping early to get in where you want before you are forced to do something else.

What are the Benefits of a Senior Living Community?

Residents of senior living communities enjoy additional services and are still able to maintain a certain level of privacy and individuality that may be forfeited when taking residence in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Some of these benefits include:

  • Keeping the independence of a single unit, without the upkeep of maintenance, housekeeping, etc.
  • Socialization – It is proven that everyone, especially seniors need communication, support & love. Those with it flourish and live longer, healthier lives, and those without don’t.
  • Activity – That comes with socialization. When you are surrounded by others in the same situation as you are, it is easy to find things to talk about, play a game, get out for an activity you both enjoy, walk pets and more. And just like above, activity is another key to a longer, healthier life.
  • Security – Seniors in communities watch out for each other, not to mention personnel at these communities are also instructed to keep an eye and ear out. Has anyone seen Mr. Jones recently? Where is Betty?

If your home is becoming too much to keep up with. And you would enjoy being surrounded with friends and options for new or favorite activities, consider downsizing to a senior apartment community.

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