Assisted Living in Warwick, RI

What does Assisted Living in Warwick, RI mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one in a Assisted Living Residence in Warwick, that isWarwick ri licensed by the Department of Health Facilities, Regulation Division, means having confidence that they are receiving care in a safe & secure residential environment. In Rhode Island assisted living communities are publicly or privately operated residences that provide direct or indirect by means of contracts or arrangements personal assistance to meet the resident's changing needs and preferences. These residences offer assistance with mobility, food service, housing and supervision with medication dispensing.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Warwick, RI

Assisted living started as an alternative to eldercare in the 1990s. These communities are designed to meet the needs of seniors who need help with their day to day activities, and do not have an injury or illness that requires convalescent care provided in a nursing facility. Other states may use similar terms to describe an Assisted living facility, such as residential care facilities, retirement communities and congregate care.

Warwick, RI Assisted Living Communities

There are 8 licensed assisted living communities located in Warwick that may be a fit for you and your family. See the list below or click here for Assisted living providers in Warwick, RI. Assisted living communities in Warwick range in size. These residences can offer small residential home settings to grand communities, most providing the same personalized & comfortable care services for your loved one.

The Warwick Area

Warwick is the second largest city in Rhode Island and is located on Greenwich Bay. Cities surrounding Warwick include Cranston, East Greenwich, Coventry and more. Attractions in Warwick include the Goddard State Park, Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum and the Warwick Neck Lighthouse. Warwick, RI will surely fulfill you and your loved ones with your needs.

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