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State Commission on Aging

Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Adult Day Services Adult Day Care Adult Day Services offer various programs to provide a range of geriatric day services, including social, nutrition, nursing, and rehabilitation services. Not all programs provide all services.
Affordable Senior Housing Affordable Senior Housing HUD 202 Program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program.
Assisted Living Residence Assisted Living
A publicly or privately operated residence that provides directly or indirectly by means of contracts or arrangements personal assistance to meet the resident's changing needs and preferences.
Home Care Providers Home Care Home Care Facilities provide for the delivery of any direct health care service in an elderly or disabled patient’s home requiring supervision by a registered nurse. Home Care Facilities exclude the delivery of direct nursing care by a registered or licensed practical nurse on an on-going basis but include services rendered by a licensed health care professional, including but not limited to, a speech pathologist, physical, occupational, or respiratory therapist.
Home Nursing Care Home Care A Home Nursing Care Facility provides for the delivery of direct nursing services in the home by a registered or practical nurse. Services may include home care and nursing services.
Hospice Hospice Hospice care means a distinct and identifiable program of care of a public or private organization, corporation or person, organized and staffed by an interdisciplinary team. Hospice care includes services provided both in the home and in an inpatient setting, palliative and supportive services to the terminally ill and their family. Hospice aims to address the patient and family’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs through the stress experiences of dying and bereavement.
Nursing Care Facilities Nursing A Nursing Facility (Nursing Home) provides 24 hour in-resident nursing, therapeutic, restorative or preventive and supportive nursing care services for two or more elderly or disabled residents unrelated by blood or marriage whose condition requires continuous nursing care and supervision.


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