Nursing Care in Reno, Nevada

What do Nursing Homes offer in Reno, NV?

Skilled Nursing Facilities in Reno, NV, are establishments with a medical staff or the equivalent, with continuous nursing service under professional direction, providing long term inpatient care, not necessarily post hospital care, to elderly or disabled patients having a variety of medical conditions requiring service. A Nursing Home is licensed to provide personal care services and skilled nursing care. Nursing homes provide quality care to all residents.

The Facts

Nursing Homes have developed tremendously throughout the past 10 years. Nursing centers in the state of Nevada thrive in providing complete care and medical services to seniors with potentially serious medical problems, and those with severe physical or mental illnesses. Nursing centers are geared toward seniors who cannot care for themselves on a daily basis. These communities hire doctors, nurses and other health professionals to care for residents. Some of the care services provided include medication dispensing and grooming and bathing. 

The Communities

There are 7 Nursing Communities in Reno, NV, that might fit your needs. Click or see below to view a list of Nursing Home Care Options in Reno, NV.  In these communities multiple housing options may be available for residents to choose from. Some of the housing amenities available may include open floor plans, on suite bathrooms and kitchens. Skilled nursing communities may also provide medication dispensing, assistance with grooming and bathing and advanced medical equipment on site to better serve residents. Nursing centers may provide care services such as Surgery recovery, physical therapy and diabetes care services.

The Area

Reno is a large city located near Lake Tahoe. The city of Reno is well known for its Casinos and innovative restaurants. Common cities that are near Reno include Verdi and Spanish Springs, NV. The city of Reno has around 50 medical complexes and hospitals in the area.