Assisted Living in Reno, NV

What does assisted living in Reno, NV mean to you and your loved one?

Receiving care in Reno, NV in a Residential Care Facility for Groups Assisted Living in Renomeans having confidence that your loved one will be in secure community, licensed and regulated by the Division of Health, Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance. In the state of Nevada, assisted living residences are licensed as Residential Care Facilities for Groups. RCFGs are establishments that provide food, shelter, assistance and limited supervision to an aged, infirm, special needs or handicapped person.

Popular Questions on Reno Assisted Living

Is assisted living costs covered by Medicaid or Medicare?

Traditionally, Medicaid will not cover the costs of housing in an assisted living community. Medicaid may cover most of the care services provided in an assisted living facility like medication distribution, rehab and treatment services. Many states offer healthcare waivers or monetary assistance programs to help you pay for housing fees not included in Medicaid.

Medicare insurance was established to cover short-term healthcare expenses for retired adults. Assisted living costs tend to be more long run and ongoing care that would fall outside of Medicare coverage. Medicare covers prescription medication or prescribed stays in a medical center or care facility with a set timeframe. Medicare can help with temporary or primary expenses at an assisted living facility if the relocation is prescribed because of a health issue.

Exactly what is the average cost of assisted living care in Nevada?

Cost of care will vary by facility however if you simply are searching for an average for Nevada, $3,500 per month is what Genworth found for a state median as part of their most recent questionnaire of assisted living facilities in the USA.

What professional services are available for individuals in assisted living facilities?

If you take residence in an assisted living community, there are certain care services and programs that you can expect will be made available. Every assisted living community is unique and state regulations may require some states to provide services not supplied in others. In most assisted living facilities you can expect:

  • Assistance with Daily Life Activities
  • Meal Preparation and Dining Services
  • Medication Management
  • Exercise and Social Activites
  • Medical and Health Related Services

Could assisted living costs be deducted on taxes?

Plenty of assisted living residents are pleased to discover that all or most of your assisted living expenses are tax deductible. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) “long term care services” could be deducted as unreimbursed medical expenses. For many residents, the entire monthly fee can be deductible.

Are assisted living communities licensed in Nevada?

To enable an assisted living community to open up and welcome residents, they must first get licensed through the state. In order to get a state license, facilities must pass an inspection from a regulatory agency in addition to completing a basic licensure test on the regulations and rules to operate in the state. The assisted living facilities on the New LifeStyles site are all licensed senior care providers.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Reno, NV

Assisted living communities in the 1990s blossomed as an alternative to eldercare. These communities provide around the clock supervision, light housekeeping and supportive & personalized care services for elders who cannot live autonomously. Assistance with some health services may be available via home healthcare agencies and hospice to provide care as needed. Other states may use similar terms to describe a Residential Care Facility such as congregate care, family care homes and adult day care.

Assisted Living Communities in Reno, NV

See below or click to view a list of the Residential Care Facilities for Groups located in Reno that may be the right fit for you and your family. See the list below or click here for assisted living providers in Reno, NV. Assisted living communities in Reno range from smaller residential home settings to large or grand communities. Mostly offering the same personalized services for your loved one.

The Reno Area

Reno is a populous city known for its unique casinos. Reno is located in the western region of Nevada near the California border. Cities that surround Reno include Sparks, Sun Valley, North Valleys, Carson City and Dayton. The City of Reno houses unique casinos such as the Atlantis Casino and the Casino at the Eldorado. The Reno area also hosts 46 hospitals and medical complexes to suit you and your loved ones needs.

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