Assisted Living in Stockton, CA

What does assisted living in Stockton, CA mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one in Stockton, CA in a Residential Care Facility Assisted Living Options in Stockton, CAmeans having the peace of mind that they are receiving care in a comfortable & supervised community that is licensed by the California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division. Assisted living communities in the state of California, are licensed as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly. RCFEs provide care, supervision and assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing and grooming. They may also provide incidental medical services under certain care plans.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Stockton, CA

In the 1990’s assisted living originated as an elder care alternative. These communities are for elders who cannot live independently, and do not need the 24-hour medical care provided by a nursing home community. These providers help seniors with daily activities. Living in a Residential Care Facility can be described as a combination of independent housing, personalized and specialized support services and healthcare. Other states may use similar terms to describe a Residential Care Facility, such as continuum care, personal care and assisted living facilities.

Stockton, CA Assisted Living Communities

See below or click here to view a list of the licensed Residential Care Facilities located in Stockton that may be the right fit for you and your family. See the list below or click here for Assisted living providers in Stockton. Assisted living communities in Stockton, range from quaint residential home settings to large and vibrant communities, most offering the same personal care services for your loved one.

The Stockton Area

Stockton, California is a city in San Joaquin county in Northern California. Cities surrounding Stockton include Seaport, Pacific, Lakeview and Kennedy. The City of Stockton boasts sites such as Stockton 99 Speedway, Little Manila and Banner Island Ballpark. Stockton will provide you and your loved one with all your needs.

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Additional Senior Care Options in Stockton, CA

Independent Living Stockton, CA Nursing Homes in Stockton, CA 

Top Assisted Living, Assisted Living Residence, Basic Care Facilities, Housing with Services, Supported Living Communities in stockton, ca

Westmont® of Brentwood

450 John Muir Parkway
Brentwood, CA 94513

Our Assisted Living Program is focused on helping residents to maintain their full potential. Our team members seek to foster resident independence, not dependence, and are sensitive to respecting each...

More Details
Assisted Living

Atria Bayside Landing

3318 Brookside Rd
Stockton, CA 95219

Live in a safe and revitalized area of Stockton, surrounded by parks, lakes and  golf course. With a 24-hour staff to help with daily needs and housekeeping, residents spend more...

More Details
Assisted Living

Hospitality House

5400 Kiernan Ave
Salida, CA 95368

Conveniently located near shopping, restaurants and medical facilities, our cozy yet elegant surroundings, stimulating activities, array of amenities and individualized quality care give our residents the finest assisted living at...

More Details
Assisted Living

Manteca Retirement Community

430 N Union Road
Manteca, CA 95337

Wonderfully located in Manteca, California, this Retirement Community offers independent and Assisted Living options - both with impeccable attention to care and comfort for all residents. Regardless of lifestyle, residents...

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Assisted Living

River Fountains of Lodi

311 W Turner Rd
Lodi, CA 95240

River Fountains of Lodi provides specially designed housing and just the right balance of supportive services and health-related care. Located in Lodi, it is easily accessible from Highway 99 or Interstate...

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Assisted Living

Stacie's Chalet

517 E Fulton St
Stockton, CA 95204

Surrounded by an abundance of specialized services, experience assisted living and memory care in luxury. Enjoy a dining and entertainment area that boasts an extraordinary stone fireplace and grand piano...

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Assisted Living

Villa Marche

1119 Rosemarie Ln
Stockton, CA 95207

Villa Marche is filled with the warmth of home and family. Our 24/7 staff is committed to treating each resident as if they were our own family members. Enjoy a variety...

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Assisted Living