Assisted Living in Central Coast, CA

What does assisted living in Central Coast, CA mean to you and your loved one?

Assisted Living Options along the Coast of Central California

Having your loved  in a Residential Care Facility in The Central Coast ofCalifornia means having the peace of mind that they are receiving care in a comfortable, peaceful & supervised community. In the state of California, assisted living communities are licensed as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly by the California Department of Social Services. RCFEs provide care, supervision and assistance with daily living activities, such as bathing and grooming . They may also provide incidental medical services under certain care plans.

Frequently Asked Questions on Assisted Living in Central Coast

Is assisted living expenses covered by Medicaid or Medicare?

Medicaid is commonly used to pay for the costs of care and services received at an assisted living facility but it does not cover the costs of room and board. With room and board costs in the thousands of dollars on a monthly basis, states have devised programs and waivers to help off-set the costs of housing in assisted living centers.

The costs associated with relocating to and residing in an assisted living community are not covered by Medicare Insurance. Medicare insurance coverage extends to temporary, prescribed care or medication by a doctor. If moving to an assisted living facility is not your decision and is being proposed by your doctor, Medicare can cover some of the costs for a certain duration. Medicaid and extra state managed programs can financially support people seeking assistance.

Just how expensive is the cost of assisted living services in California?

The average cost of assisted living care in California is $4,500 per month based on the annual review done by Genworth every year. Genworth has been surveying elder care communities in the US annually for 15 years.

What sorts of care are normally typical in an assisted living facility?

As determined by the state, assisted living communities must provide a number of care services for their residents to remain licensed. Although assisted living communities vary by state, you can expect these services to be offered for residents:

  • Nursing Care and Medical Services
  • Distribution of Medication
  • Emergency Call Systems
  • Dining Services and Meal Prep
  • Exercise and Social Activities

Can assisted living costs be deducted on taxes?

According to HIPPA, long term care services qualify as a non-reimbursed medical cost which can be written off. Long run care services include a lot of the care provided for residents in an assisted living community including bathing, dressing, meal prep, cleaning, and other maintenance services.

Do assisted living facilities need to get a license?

Ahead of opening an assisted living facility in California the care supplier must move through a senior care licensing process. Inspectors will provide an in-person visit to the community and a licensure exam must be passed so government bodies can ensure care providers are aware of guidelines that must be met and preserved. All listings on our website are of licensed care providers.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Central Coast, CA

In the 1990s assisted living originated as an alternative for elder care. These specialized communities are for seniors who cannot live independently, and do not need the 24-hour medical care provided in a nursing home community. These communities help elders with their day to day activities. Living in a Residential Care Facility can be described as a combination of independent housing healthcare and personal support services. Other states may use similar terms to describe a Residential Care Facility, such as assisted living facilities, personal care and board & care.

Central Coast, CA Assisted Living Communities

There are over 110 licensed Residential Care Facilities located in The Central Coast, that may be a fit for you and your family. See the list below or click here for Assisted living providers in The Central Coast. Assisted living providers in The Central Coast range in size. These communities are available in large and grand communities as well as small home like settings, most offering the same personalized care services for your loved one.

The Central Coast Area

The Central Coast is a series of regions located in between Los Angeles and San Francisco. These regions include The Monterey Bay Region, San Luis Obispo Region, Santa Barbara Region and the Ventura Region. Cities within these regions include Morro Bay, Santa cruz, Ventura, Gilroy and many more. The Central Coast houses over 300 miles of coastline as well as national state parks, beach towns and wine regions. The Central Coast will be sure meet the needs of your loved one.

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