Assisted Living in New Jersey

New Jersey Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors looking for care in New Jersey have many options. Assisted living facilities in New Jersey are for seniors who require assistance with daily activities but do not need around the clock care and attention. In New Jersey, assisted living programs provide a package of services, similar to those provided in assisted living residences and comprehensive personal care homes, to individuals residing in publicly subsidized housing. Assisted Living Residences/Facilities in New Jersey are an option for more active seniors. In many instances, an elderly person is unable to live independently, but can walk with or without an assertive devise, is reasonably oriented mentally and does not have significant medical needs. These facilities, which are licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services, provide a home-like atmosphere, food, recreational activities, supervision of medication needs, and assistance in getting health services. This atmosphere encourages independence for as long as possible, while assuring safety.

Average Cost of Assisted Living in New Jersey Assisted Living in Connecticut

The average monthly cost of residence at an assisted living facility in New Jersey was $4,950, according to a Genworth survey in 2016. Each year, Genworth surveys senior living care providers to estimate the average cost of care in over 440 regions within the United States, including New Jersey. The average cost of assisted living care in New Jersey will vary based on the residence and location. Care close to the Trenton area tends to be higher than stays at assisted living facilities in the Vineland area. The cost of assisted living varies by as much as 20 percent, depending on one's location within New Jersey. It is significantly less expensive in Southern New Jersey and across the state's Western border with Pennsylvania. When looking for senior care, be sure you know what services and care are required for you or your loved one.

Medicaid for Seniors in New Jersey – Assisted Living Residence

New Jersey's recently created Medicaid Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS), a managed care system, falls under the Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver. It provides support for a variety of services provided in the home or in adult day care. Benefits include home modifications, meal delivery, personal emergency response systems, and personal assistance. The Global Options or GO Waiver was absorbed into this waiver. Individuals enrolled in Medicaid’s Personal Preference Program (PPP) are able to self-direct their own care. This is a Cash and Counseling program in which the recipients are provided with a cash allowance and with the flexibility to spend it as they see fit for their care requirements. It should be noted that a fair amount of counseling is also provided to ensure needs are being met. With this option, individuals are able to hire the care provider of their choosing, including family members. 

To qualify for Long Term Care Medicaid in New Jersey, an applicant's monthly income and countable resources are considered. A single individual, as of 2016, can have up to $2,199 a month in income. Income in excess can be allocated to a Qualifying Income Trust. He or she is also permitted countable resources up to $2,000. Note that a home and vehicle are not considered "countable," provided they are in use by the applicant. Persons with resources over these limits might still qualify through the Medically Needy program or by consulting with a Medicaid Planner. 

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