Assisted Living in Central, NJ

What does assisted living in Central, NJ mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one in a Assisted Living Community in Central New Jersey means having the peace of mind that they are receiving complete care in a supervised & comfortable community. The State of New Jersey offers Assisted Living in Central Jerseyboth Assisted Living Communities and Assisted Living Programs. Assisted Living Communities in New Jersey are licensed by the Department of Health. These Residences provide a home-like atmosphere, supervision of medication needs and assistance in receiving health services. Assisted Living Programs in New Jersey provide care and services in seniors residential apartments, and is available in some subsidized senior housing buildings. ALPs offer seniors care management, health monitoring and some skilled nursing care. The ALPs helps elders age in place, as their need for specialized care increases.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Central, NJ 

In the 1990's assisted living initiated as an elder care alternative. These communities are for active seniors who are unable to live independently, and do not have significant medical needs that need treatment by a Nursing home staff. These providers help seniors with the activities of day to day living. An Assisted Living Facility can be described as a comfortable atmosphere that encourages independence for as long as possible, while assuring safety. Other states may use similar terms to describe an assisted Living facility, such as continuum care home, board & care and adult family homes.

Central, NJ Assisted Living Communities

There are over 102 licensed Assisted Living Communities in Central New Jersey. See the list below or click here for the Assisted Living providers in Central New Jersey. Assisted living providers in Central New Jersey vary in sizes. These communities provide small residential home settings as well as grand communities, most offering the same personalized care services for your loved one.

The Central Jersey Area

Central New Jersey is a group of counties located on the central region of New Jersey located closet to New York. Central New Jersey is made up of 5 counties: Hunterdon County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Somerset County and Union County. Cities within Central New Jersey include New Brunswick, Princeton, Hightstown and Sayreville. Central New Jersey hosts sites such as The Rutgers Gardens, George Street Playhouse and The State Theatre. Central New Jersey will certainly fulfill many of you and your loved ones needs.

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