Assisted Living in Monroeville, PA

What does assisted living in Monroeville, PA mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one in a Personal Care Home in Monroeville means having the Assisted Living in Monroevillepeace of mind that they are receiving care in a safe & comfortable residential environment. In the state of Pennsylvania, Personal Care Homes are licensed in accordance with Assisted Living Facilities. PCHs differ from ALFs in the concept that PCH residents live in bedrooms that may be shared with up to four people and ALF residents have the option of a private bedroom. PCHs are licensed and regulated by the Department of Public Welfare Office of Administration, Bureau of Human Services Licensing, and provide personal care services and assistance to four or more persons.  

FAQs on Assisted living in Monroeville

Is assisted living expenses covered by Medicaid or Medicare?

Traditionally, Medicaid won’t cover the costs of housing in an assisted living center. Medicaid can cover many of the care programs supplied in an assisted living unit like medication management, rehabilitation and therapy services. Most states offer health care waivers or financial support programs to help pay for housing expenses not included in Medicaid.

Traditionally, Medicare cannot be utilized to take care of the expenses at an assisted living facility. Medicare insurance is made to cover short term stays at hospitals or rehab facilities and prescriptions and medicine that has a begin and end date. If you are forced into an assisted living center because of an accident or health condition, Medicare could take care of your initial fees if they’re suggested or prescribed by a medical professional.

Just how much does assisted living cost in Pennsylvania?

For anyone who is wondering what you’ll need to have saved for assisted living expenses in STATE, Genworth gives an idea based on their yearly questionnaire of senior care facilities in the US. Genworth reports you’ll want to be prepared to pay up to $3,750 a month for assisted living care in Pennsylvania.

Does the level of care provided commonly differ based on the assisted living community in Pennsylvania?

Once you take residence in an assisted living community, there are certain care services and programs that one can expect will be made available. Every assisted living community is distinct and state laws may require some states to provide services not offered in others. In most assisted living communities you should expect:

  • Assistance with Daily Life Activities
  • Meal Preparation and Dining Services
  • Medication Management
  • Exercise and Social Activites
  • Medical and Health Related Services

Are assisted living fees tax deductible?

Many assisted living residents are stunned to learn that all or the majority of your assisted living costs are tax deductible. Based on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) “long term care services” could be deducted as unreimbursed medical costs. For a lot of residents, the entire monthly fee could be deductible.

Do assisted living communities have specifications that need to be fulfilled in Pennsylvania?

Ahead of opening an assisted living facility in Pennsylvania the care provider must go through a senior care licensing procedure. Personnel will provide an in-person visit to the facility and a licensure exam needs to be passed so authorities can make certain care providers understand guidelines that need to be met and preserved. All listings on our website are of licensed care providers.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Monroeville, PA

Assisted living as it is today, initiated as an elder care alternative in the 1990s. These communities are designed to meet the needs of seniors who need help with their day to day activities, but do not need personalized care provided by a nursing home. These providers monitor residents and assist with medication distribution. Living in a Personal Care Home can be described as a combination of independent living, skilled services and some personal healthcare. Other states may use similar terms to describe a Personal Care Home, such as continuum care, assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

Monroeville, PA Assisted Living Communities

There are 5 licensed Personal Care Homes located in Monroeville that may be a fit for you and your family. See the list below or click here for Assisted living providers near Monroeville. Assisted living providers in Monroeville can range in size. These communities offer small home-like settings as well as grand communities, most offering the same safe & comfortable care services for your loved one.

The Monroeville Area

Monroeville is a growing suburb located 15 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cities surrounding Monroeville include White Oak, Murrysville, Turtle Creek and Churchill. The City of Monroeville hosts attractions such as Monster Mini Golf, the Monroeville Mall and The Big Mac Museum. Monroeville will fulfill you and your loved ones with your needs.

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