Assisted Living in Lancaster, PA

What does assisted living in Lancaster, PA mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one in a Personal Care Home in Lancaster LancasterPAmeans having the peace of mind that they are receiving care in a comfortable residential environment. In the state of Pennsylvania, Personal Care Homes are licensed in conjunction with Assisted Living Facilities. A main way that PCHs differ from ALFs is the concept that PCH residents live in bedrooms that may be shared with up to four people, and ALF residents have the option of a private bedroom. PCHs in Pennsylvania are licensed and regulated by the Department of Public Welfare Office of Administration, Bureau of Human Services Licensing, and provide specialized care services and assistance to communities with four or more persons.  

The Facts about Assisted Living in Lancaster, PA

In the 1990s assisted living as it is today begun as an alternative to elder care. These communities are designed to meet the needs of seniors who need help with daily activities, but do not need personalized care provided in a nursing home. These providers monitor residents and assist with medication dispensing. Life in a Personal Care Home can be described as a combination of independent living, skilled services and some personal healthcare. Other states may use similar terms to describe a Personal Care Home, such as residential care facilities, assisted living and retirement communities.

Lancaster, PA Assisted Living Communities

There are 17 licensed Personal Care Homes located in Lancaster that may be a fit for you and your family. See the list below or click here for Assisted living providers near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Assisted living providers in Lancaster often range in size. These communities offer small home-like settings as well as grand communities, most offering the same safe & comfortable care services for your loved one.

The Area

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, know as Pennsylvania Dutch Country is located in Southern Central Pennsylvania. Cities surrounding Lancaster include Gordonville , Millersville, New Holland and Quarryville. Sites to see in Lancaster include Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster County's Historical Society, The Pottery works and The Fulton Theatre. Lancaster will fulfill you and your loved ones with your needs.

Additional Senior Care Options

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