Assisted Living in Kansas

Should you choose assisted living care in Kansas?

Figuring out the amount of attention you or your loved one requires is a crucial initial step. If you are searching for further assistance as you grow older but still wish to keep a level of self-reliance, an assisted living community could be a great option for you. Moving in to an assisted living community is a good alternative for senior citizens that happen to be having problems caring for themselves at home or if in-home care bills are getting too expensive. With New LifeStyles Online you can find information about each and every certified elder care provider in your community. All certified care providers must satisfy policies laid out by the state but supplemental services and conveniences will change from service provider to provider.

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Which care services are typically supplied in assisted living communities in Kansas?

Kansas regulators stop by licensed care providers routinely to ensure that assisted living communities offer residents with certain care services. Here is a number of care services that you would anticipate finding with a lot of assisted living service providers within the region.

  • Wellness Programs
  • Dining Services and Meal Prep
  • Nursing Staff Care
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Maintenance Services

What is the average cost of assisted living in Kansas?

At New LifeStyles Online, we like to refer to Genworth’s annual cost of care study which has the price of assisted living services in Kansas to be $4,473 per month on average. The country’s average in the US is around $4,000 each month for a single individual to live in an assisted living community. The places that reported many of the more expensive costs of care included Wichita, and Lawrence whereas a city like Topeka is under the state average.

Find more information on state licensing for senior communities in Kansas with New LifeStyles.

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