Assisted Living in Overland Park, KS

What does assisted living in Overland Park, KS mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one in Overland Park, Kansas under the care Assisted Living in Overland Park, Kansasof a community that is licensed and regulated by the Department on Aging, means having confidence knowing that they will be in a secure environment. In the state of Kansas, assisted living communities provide care services to six or more individuals not related within the third degree of relationship to the administrator, operator or owner by blood or marriage. These communities offer apartments for senior residents and coordinate a range of care services. Some of these services include personal care or supervised nursing care that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In the state of Kansas the provision of skilled nursing procedures to a resident in an assisted living facility is not prohibited. The skilled services provided within an assisted living facility, may be provided on an intermittent term basis, or if limited in scope a regular basis. 

The Facts about Assisted Living in Overland Park, KS

Assisted living as it exists today flourished in the 1990's as it became a popular option for eldercare. These communities are for elders who cannot live on their own. In the state of Kansas limited skilled service programs are permitted in these communities. Assisted living communities provide long term residential care and promote independent daily lifestyles. Other states may use similar terms to describe assisted living which include residential care facilities, family care homes, and alternative care facilities.

Overland Park, KS Assisted Living Communities

There are 44 assisted living communities in the Overland Park area that may be a correct fit for you and your family. See our list below or click to view a list of the assisted living facilities in the Overland Park area. Assisted living communities in Overland Park vary in size. These communities range from small care homes to large communities, all offering the same personalized care services for your loved one.

The Overland Park Area

Overland Park is the second largest city in the state of Kansas, and is located in the Kansas City, MO metroplex. Cities near the Overland Park area include Lenexa, Shawnee, Leawood and Kansas City. Overland Park host sites and attractions such as the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Indian Creek Greenway, Museum at Prairiefire and more. Overland Park is sure to meet the needs of you and your loved one.

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