Assisted Living in Georgetown, TX

What does assisted living in Georgetown, TX mean to you and your loved one?

In Georgetown, Texas, assisted living communities provide individualized health and Assisted Living in Georgetown TXpersonal care assistance in a homelike setting with an emphasis on personal dignity, autonomy, independence and privacy. In the Georgetown area there are numerous communities that offer these services, providing your loved one personalized comfort, care & privacy. These communities are also licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Georgetown, TX 

Assisted living as it exists today emerged in the 1990's as an elder care alternative, for whom independent living is not appropriate for, but do not need the 24-hour medical care provided by a nursing home.. Other states may use similar terms to describe assisted living which include Congregate Care, Board & Care, and Adult Care Homes.

Georgetown, TX Assisted Living Communities

In Georgetown,Texas, there are 12 licensed assisted living communities to help you and your family. See below or click to view a list of the assisted living facilities in Georgetown. Georgetown has assisted living communities that are in smaller residential care homes, as well as large grand communities, all offering the same basic personal care services.   

The Georgetown Area

Georgetown is a growing suburb, north of Austin, Tx. It is bordered by Round Rock, Cedar Park & Leander. It houses many shopping facilities and local activities and attractions.

Additional Senior Care Options in Georgetown, TX 

Independent Living Georgetown, TX  

Nursing Homes in Georgetown, TX

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