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What does assisted living in Farmington Hills, MI mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one receive comfortable & safe care in an Assisted Living in Farmington Hills, MIassisted living community in Farmington Hills means having confidence in knowing that they are receiving complete care. In the state of Michigan assisted living communities are defined as Adult Foster Care Facilities or Homes for the Aged, both of these communities are licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services. HFAs provides a 24 hour room, board, and supervised personal care to, twenty-one or more unrelated, non-transient individuals 60 years of age or older; or twenty or fewer individuals 60 years of age or older in a home that is operated in accordance with and as a distinct part of a licensed nursing home. AFCs are residential settings that provide 24-hour personal care, protection, and supervision for individuals who are developmentally disabled, mentally ill, physically handicapped or elderly who cannot live alone but who do not need continuous and/or critical nursing care. AFCs are restricted to providing care to no more than 20 elderly or disabled adults.

Frequently Asked Questions on Assisted Living in Farmington Hills

Can assisted living be covered by Medicaid or Medicare?

Certain expenses associated with assisted living can be covered by Medicaid benefits. Unfortunately, housing costs at an assisted living center are not covered by Medicaid. Care solutions provided at the community will be covered but if you are seeking financial aid for the room and board costs, Medicaid will not help out. A lot of states have programs and waivers made to help decrease assisted living housing expenses.

The costs linked to relocating to and living in an assisted living facility are not covered by Medicare Health Insurance. Medicare insurance coverage extends to short term, prescribed care or medicine by a doctor. If moving into an assisted living community is not your decision and being proposed by your health care provider, Medicare can take care of many of the costs for a specific time period. Medicaid and additional state operated programs can economically support people seeking assistance.

How expensive is the price of assisted living services in Michigan?

The average cost of assisted living care services in Michigan is $3,850 a month based on the yearly study produced by Genworth annually. Genworth has been surveying senior care facilities in the United States annually for 15 years.

Does the degree of care offered commonly change by assisted living community in Michigan?

The programs and professional services provided by an assisted living community can vary among states. Numerous assisted living communities may also provide unique care services or programs to distinguish themselves from other nearby health care providers. In planning to relocate to an assisted living care facility, look at the services offered and learn what makes your facility special. Standard services and programs in an assisted living community should include:

  • Distribution of Medication
  • Meal Prep and Dining Options
  • Assistance with Daily Life Activities
  • 24-Hour Care Services
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Social Activities

Are assisted living fees tax deductible?

According to HIPPA, extended care services qualify as a non-reimbursed healthcare expense that may be written off. Long term care services incorporate many of the care provided for residents in an assisted living community including washing, dressing, meal prep, cleaning, and other maintenance services.

Do assisted living facilities need to apply for a license?

Every state requires all assisted living communities to apply and acquire a license to offer care and housing solutions for aging adults. Assisted living facilities aren’t permitted to open their doors to individuals until an inspection has been executed and a license has been provided. In addition to licensure, some communities may seek out accreditation once they are open and accreditors can observe the assisted living center at work. When preparing to move into an assisted living center it is important to read about the licenses, certifications, and accreditations the community retains.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Farmington Hills, MI

In the 1990s assisted living as it is today expanded massively and developed nationwide as an alternative to elder care. These residential providers help seniors with their daily life activities. Life in a home for the aged or adult foster care community can be described as a combination of healthcare, independent housing and personalized care & support services. Other states may use similar terms to describe these communities, such as residential care facilities, adult day care and board & care.

Farmington Hills, MI Assisted Living Communities

See below or click to view a list of the Adult Foster Care Communities located in Farmington Hills that may be the right fit for you and your family. See the list below or click here for Homes for the Aged or Assisted living providers in Farmington Hills.  Assisted Living communities in the Farmington Hills area range from small communities with home-like settings to large or lavish communities, most offering the same comfortable and personalized care services for your loved one.

The Farmington Hills Area

Farmington Hills is an upscale suburb located in southeastern Michigan. Cities surrounding Farmington Hills include Novi, Southfield, Livonia, West Bloomfield Township and more. The City of Farmington Hills hosts intriguing attractions such as the Pony Express Saloon and many captivating restaurants. The Farmington Hills area also houses over 150 medical complexes and hospitals that will surely provide you and your loved one with all your needs.

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Fox Run offers assisted living for individuals who would benefit from extra help with daily tasks like medication management, meal preparation, dressing and mobility. It's the ideal solution for seniors...

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