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Creating and nurturing relationships is essential to the care and well being of a person with dementia.  To create successful relationships we need to create a culture of care.  We know that successful relationships are based on respect, trust, shared experiences, mutual enjoyment and being there for the other person.  Each individual resident is unique and the way in which we build relationships will vary.

It is important to the quality of life for persons with dementia to continue to experience enriching, meaningful and failure free activities.  By providing meaningful things to do we affirm that individuals sense of purpose.  The physical environment has a significant impact on individuals with dementia.  The smaller environment that Thrive Assisted Living provides is helpful to support and promote safety and comfort for persons living with dementia.

Research has validated the importance of a small environment in the care of person's with dementia.  The small, home environment helps to ease anxiety, encourage self-esteem and promote social interaction. Additionally, our home allows the care team to control stimuli and develop meaningful relationships with the resident.

Thrive is owned and operated by a RN who is a certified Dementia Practitioner.

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