3 Ways To Make Your Senior’s Day


It’s often hard to find new ways to make your senior loved one feel special, especially if they are in a senior living facility. I suggest you try one or all of the ideas below to make your loved one feel special.

Three R Photo Collage– I recently was at a senior living facility and noticed collages on the outside of each resident’s door. The collage consisted of pictures from one of three categories: relationships, relatives, and responsibilities. Relationship pictures consisted of photos of their significant other or friends. Relative pictures consisted of photos of their family. Responsibility pictures consisted of photos from their past occupations. It was amazing how these photos told you a story about the individuals. This collage concept could be replicated for anyone with a senior loved one. If allowed by the facility, you could put a collage outside or inside their room. Simply put a cork-board on the wall and begin pinning photos to the board. Your senior loved will love the thought and effort behind this project.

Food Delivery –There are several services popping up across the country that will pick up takeout orders from restaurants and deliver it. Order Up is one of those services. All you have to do is see if they service your loved one’s city and are partnered with a restaurant they enjoy. Enter your billing and delivery information and your loved one’s favorite meal is on its way to them. Notify the senior facility the meal is coming and your loved will be pleasantly surprised by one of their favorite meals.

Subscription Gift Box– Many subscription care boxes have popped up over the past several years. There are specialty boxes for children, young adults, and even pets. However, there was not a gift box specifically created for senior loved ones. SeniorCareBox.com fixed this problem. Senior Care Box selects five or more products to include in their box. Examples include old-fashioned candy, home décor, skin-care products, holiday décor, and puzzles. Also, each box includes a post card size historic picture and a return post card with postage. They encourage your loved one to send them their memories relating to the picture to be shared on the SCB Community Blog and in the next month’s box. You can choose to sign up your loved one for a one, three, six, or twelve-month subscription.  Each month your loved one can look forward to a box of goodies and know you are thinking of them.

Top Twitter Accounts For Senior Care Marketers to Follow


Senior care and living services are competing for new clients as aggressively as ever. Digital marketing is increasingly utilized in client acquisition efforts. If you are in a marketing role within a senior care facility or service, you are likely responsible for a digital marketing budget with an expected return on investment. In order to make sure your marketing efforts and budget are spent wisely, it’s critical to stay up to date on the ever-changing digital marketing trends. This can be very difficult considering digital marketing is the combination of several sub-channels including social media, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC/SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO).

I have found the most efficient way to keep up on the changing digital marketing landscape is by following channel experts and thought leaders on Twitter. These experts are individuals and businesses who have years of experience in their marketing channel and are known for providing industry best practices. Below are seven twitter accounts I strongly recommend senior care marketers follow.

Danny Sullivan

Twitter Handle: @dannysullivan

Primary Marketing Channels Covered: SEO, SEM, Social Media


Barry Schwartz

Twitter Handle: @rustybrick

Primary Marketing Channels Covered: SEO, SEM



Twitter Handle: @KissMetrics

Primary Marketing Channels Covered: SEO, SEM, Social Media, EmailMarketing


Jay Baer

Twitter Handle: @jaybaer

Primary Marketing Channels Covered: SEO, SEM, Social Media, EmailMarketing


PPC Hero

Twitter Handle: @ppchero

Primary Marketing Channels Covered: PPC



Twitter Handle: @Moz

Primary Marketing Channels Covered: SEO


Chad White

Twitter Handle: @chadswhite

Primary Marketing Channels Covered: Email Marketing

Post by: Kyle Ems of SeniorCareBox.com.