Nursing Care in Hillsboro, Oregon

What do Nursing Homes offer in Hillsboro, OR?

Nursing Facilities in Hillsboro, OR, provide nursing care on a 24 hour basis in a hospital-like setting including skilled care, rehabilitation, and end-of-life-care. Nursing Facilities are most appropriate for elderly or disabled people who need a more protective setting. Many residents have medical and behavioral needs that cannot be met in other care settings. Oregon requires that all residents be screened before they enter a Nursing Facility to match the residents’ service needs to the level of care they receive. This screening also helps residents and their families explore other possible settings. Nursing Facilities are inspected, licensed and monitored by SDSD in compliance with both state and federal regulations.

The Facts

Rehab and Care facilities also known as Nursing homes are health facilities that provides skilled nursing care services to patients whose primary need is for availability of skilled nursing care on an extended bases. Other states have similar terms that are described as Nursing homes such as Skilled Nursing, Convalescent Care and Health and Rehabilitation Centers. Nursing centers provide complete care and medical services to seniors with potentially serious medical problems, and those with severe physical or mental illnesses. These facilities employ licensed & certified nurses, doctors and aides in their facilities to provide care for seniors who cannot care for themselves.

The Communities

There are 3 Nursing Homes in Hillsboro that could fit you and your loved ones needs. Click or see below to view a list of Nursing Home Care Options in Hillsboro, Oregon. Some Rehab and Care communities have multiple living options available with different amenities such as en- suite bathrooms. These communities provide daily meals to residents along with medication dispensing, medical treatment, transportation, and many types of rehabilitation services.

The Area

Hillsboro is the fifth largest city in the state of Oregon. Hillsboro is near cites such as Forest Grove, Beaverton and Gaston. Hillsboro hosts local sites such as Roloff Farms, Heritage Farms and The Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals. The city of Hillsboro, OR, has about 30 hospitals and medical complexes in the area for you and your loved one.