Nursing Care in Hartford, Connecticut

What do Nursing Homes offer in Hartford, CT?

In Hartford, Connecticut, nursing homes are referred to as Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision. These rest homes have facilities and all the necessary personnel to provide, in additional to personal care required in a residential home care, nursing supervision under medical direction twenty-four hours per day for elderly or disabled individuals. Nursing homes are health facilities that provide medical based nursing care and supportive care to patients who need skilled nursing on an extended bases. Nursing Facilities provide residents with medical, social, and psychological care.

The Facts

Within the past 10 years nursing communities have developed tremendously. Rest homes provide room and board, daily meals and other support services. Residents within these communities receive complete care from licensed & certified nurses, doctors and aides. These licensed care takers are trained to provide complete healthcare to all patients. Nursing communities sole purpose is to nurture and care for all residents. 

The Communities

There are 29 Nursing Homes in Hartford, CT that could fit your needs. Click or see below to view a list of Nursing Communities in Hartford. Within the skilled nursing communities their are different housing options available to choose from. Some of the options that may be available include, open floor plans, wide windows and shared or private unites. Skilled Nursing centers, or nursing homes may also provide daily recreation activities for residents, these include outdoor walks and activities as well as game rooms and card tournaments.

The Area

Hartford is the capital of the state of Connecticut and is located in Hartford County, Connecticut. The state of Connecticut serves as a state with a rich historical presence. With this there are many things to do in Hartford these may include visiting the Mark Twain House and Museum, The Old State House and the Connecticut State Capital Building. A few common cites that are near Hartford include Farmington, Bloomfield, Newington and New Britain.