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Central Florida Nursing HomesWhen your loved one receives care services in a Nursing Home in Central Florida, they will live in a medical based environment that is licensed by the Florida Department of Health. Nursing homes assist with activities of daily living, recreation, and general nursing care to people who are chronically ill or unable to take care of their daily living needs. Nursing homes in the state of Florida provide nursing care, personal care, and custodial care to people who are ill or physically infirm.

There are two main types of nursing homes in Florida – Skilled Nursing Facilities and Skilled Nursing Units. Skilled Nursing Facilities: The Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) is the most common type of nursing home in Florida. SNFs are freestanding, which means that they are not part of a hospital. Some SNFs are part of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) and are governed through special contracts. Skilled Nursing Units: Skilled Nursing Units (SNUs) are hospital-based nursing homes. Some SNUs are located inside the hospital, and some are located in a separate building. The skilled nursing unit is licensed as part of the hospital.

What do Nursing Homes offer in Central Florida?

Skilled Nursing Facilities in the state of Florida, hire licensed medical professionals such as doctors and nurses to care for all residents. Nursing homes are for seniors who need help caring for themselves on a daily basis. These secured communities provide 24-hour skilled nursing care and rehabilitative services. On-call physician services, special therapies, medications, personal care items, or laundry service may also be provided by communities. Nursing communities sole purpose is to contribute to the overall health and wellness of residents.

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There are 52 nursing home communities in Central Florida that may be the correct fit for your family’s needs. Click to view a list of the Nursing Homes in Central Florida. Some of the services these communities provide include daily meals to residents along with medication dispensing, private or shared bathrooms and bedrooms, personal care assistance with grooming and bathing as well as transportation services.

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Central Florida has a large population and is one of the most popular regions of Florida. Cites that are Located in Central Florida include Clearwater, Cape Canaveral, Daytona Beach, Ocala, Tampa and many more. Central Florida hosts a lot of coastal cities making way for beaches and other coastline activities and attractions. Central Florida will surely provide for you and your loved one.