Independent Living in McKinney, TX

What does Independent Living in McKinney, TX, have to offer you and your loved one?

For seniors who want to continue living mckinneytxindependently, there are many independent living options available in McKinney, TX, including Active Adult Communities, Retirement Communities, Senior Apartments, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Senior Villages and Affordable Senior Housing (HUD). Each of the different independent living communities offer varying services for the residents. View additional independent living resources in McKinney, TX at the Texas Centers for Independent Living.

The Facts about Independent Living in McKinney, TX

Independent living is categorized as any housing arrangement designed exclusively for seniors. Independent living communities usually offer personal services such as meals, transportation, and/ or activities for a monthly fee. Independent living is for seniors who do not require daily assistance with the common activities of life, such as eating, bathing, & dressing, but they want the support of a community. Although most independent living communities do not provide medical services, many may offer assistance with some daily life tasks through housekeeping, laundry services and more.

McKinney, TX Independent Living Communities

There are 7 different Independent Living communities in McKinney. One is sure to fit the needs of you and your family. See below or click to view a list of the Independent Living communities in McKinney. There are many types of Independent Living Communities all offering different services & amenities. The options include:

Active Adult Communities are communities with homes for sale. Most offer a clubhouse where a variety of activities are offered. Services such as landscaping, maintenance & housekeeping are usually offered as well.

Senior Apartments are living units with an age requirement, offering limited additional services. Most have a clubhouse where groups meet for activities, and some offer transportation to planned activities & events.

Retirement Communities offer independent living with amenities such as meals, transportation and activities included in the monthly fee.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offer independent living along with assisted living and nursing care in a single setting. You can start on the independent level and progress as need be, staying on one campus. These communities normally require an entry fee and offer a living unit, meals, and health care up to the nursing level.

Affordable Senior Housing is a HUD 202 program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program

Senior Villages are a newer concept in most major cities, where members pay an annual fee for the coordination of volunteers to provide older residents with services that help them live independently.

The Area

McKinney is a well populated city in North Texas. The estimated population of McKinney is about 155,000 and is located in Collin County, TX. Cities that surround the McKinney area include Prosper, Mellisa, Allen, Frisco and more. Points of interest while in the McKinney area include The Lone Star Wine Cellars, Sightseeing Tours of McKinney and The Heard-Craig Center for the Arts. The senior population in McKinney is growing at at steady pace and will surely be a great fit for you and your loved one.

Additional Senior Care Options in McKinney, TX

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