Independent Living in Cherry Hill, NJ

What does Independent Living in Cherry Hill, NJ have to offer you and your loved one?

Seniors living housing arrangements cherryhillnjthat are based off of seniors living on their own in a community complied solely of seniors are called independent living communities. Independent Living may also be an option for seniors who have little no health issues and require very little assistance. When looking for communities in New Jersey their are many independent living options available in Cherry Hill, NJ, including Affordable Senior Housing (HUD), Senior Villages, Senior Apartments and Retirement Communities. Independent living communities each offer a different set of amenities that appeal to different seniors.

The Facts about Independent Living in Cherry Hill, NJ

When seniors live in Independent living communities they live autonomously of community schedules. Seniors have the freedom to complete their daily life tasks and other activities on their own. When living in an Independent living community may activities are provided for seniors to enjoy, in some communities these services may require an additional monthly fee.

Cherry Hill, NJ Independent Living Communities

There are 13 different Independent Living options in Cherry Hill, NJ One of these communities are sure to fit the needs of you and your family. See below or click to view a list of the Independent Living communities in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. These communities offer varying services and amenities such as housekeeping, gardening, counseling and transportation services. New Jersey has many types of Independent Living Communities all offering different services & amenities. The options include:

Active Adult Communities are communities with homes for sale. Most offer a clubhouse where a variety of activities are offered. Services such as landscaping, maintenance & housekeeping are usually offered as well.

Senior Apartments are living units with an age requirement, offering limited additional services. Most have a clubhouse where groups meet for activities, and some offer transportation to planned activities & events.

Retirement Communities offer independent living with amenities such as meals, transportation and activities included in the monthly fee.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offer independent living along with assisted living and nursing care in a single setting. You can start on the independent level and progress as need be, staying on one campus. These communities normally require an entry fee and offer a living unit, meals, and health care up to the nursing level.

Affordable Senior Housing is a HUD 202 program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program

Senior Villages are a newer concept in most major cities, where members pay an annual fee for the coordination of volunteers to provide older residents with services that help them live independently.

The Area

Cherry Hill is a growing city located in Camden County, New Jersey. Cities that surround the Cherry Hill area include Mt. Laurel, Moorestown, and Camden, New Jersey. Cherry Hill also offers different points of interest in the area to visit such as The Garden State Discover Museum, the Flying Fish Brewery and much more. The area of Cherry Hill, New Jersey will surely provide for you and your loved one.

Additional Senior Care Options in Cherry Hill, NJ

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