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When your loved one receives Hospice care in Chester County, PA, they will chestercountypareceive care that is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Hospice provides a coordinated program of palliative and supportive services provided in a home, independent living environment or inpatient setting which provides for physical, psychological, social and spiritual care of dying persons and their families. Services are provided by a medically directed interdisciplinary team of professionals and volunteers and bereavement care is available to the family following the death of the patient. Hospice care refers to services provided by such an organization.

The Facts About Hospice Services in Chester County

Hospice Care is comforting care designed for individuals who are battling the last stages of a serious illness. Hospice care may offer multiple care services such as psychological, physical and other health related services. When receiving hospice care patients may have a team of medical support that may include doctors, Nurses, Counselors, Hospice aides and social workers. Although Hospice care is intended for the home, it is possible for a patient to receive care services in a hospital setting. 

The Care Teams

There are 49 Hospice Care providers in Chester County that may be the right fit for your family. Click here for Hospice Care in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Hospice care can be coordinated to meet your loved ones daily needs, care services may be provided everyday and can be available on a 24 hour basis. The sole purpose of hospice care is to provide comforting care to all patients as well as support services to their families and friends. 

The Area

Chester County is a growing county located near the Philadelphia metroplex. This county boasts several cities such as Oxford, Avondale, West Grove, West Chester, Spring City, Easttown Township and many more. Things to do while in the Chester County area include visiting The American Helicopter Museum, Brandywine Battlefield and The National Memorial Arch. Chester County is sure to provide you and your loved one with all your needs.

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